Rockies International Exchange Inc
Rockies International Exchange Inc


Global Opportunities

Connecting Employers & Employees

Rockies International Exchange Inc (Rockies Intl) is a North American based company that specializes in China job placement and relocation.

It's parent company, Rockies Management Consolidation Co. (RCC), have helped the following professional groups secure employment and successful relocation for work in China since 2001:

  • Teachers (including ESL)
  • Specialized Professionals (such as IT, management, research, manufacturing and ther skilled areas)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academics with MBAs, Masters, Ph.Ds

Many have secured positions in international schools, universities, kindergartens and internationally recognized companies such as IBM, Accenture, Avaya, Oracle, HP, Walmart and more.

Our focus is to help connect employers, employees and entrepreneurs to opportunities across international boundaries.

Rockies International Exchange Inc is a subsidiary of the Rockies Management Consolidation Co.