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Rockies International Exchange Inc

About Us

China is closer than you think

What We Do

China is a country that encourages international exchange of talents.

Rockies Intl helps people internationally connect with educational institutions, multinational companies, business opportunities, and corporate projects based in China. 

Many of these companies are publicly traded companies listed internationally and ranked among the Fortune 500 group. Some are prestigious universities in China looking for specialized professionals to fill academic roles. Chinese kindergartens and international schools are frequently on the lookout of good ESL teachers. 


If you have thought about teaching abroad, Rockies Intl provides direct access to the Chinese teaching job market. Available teaching positions range from ESL classes, subject specific classes, and post secondary courses. 

In many cases, relocation stipends and training (such as TESOL certification) are available. 

Specialized professionals

Internationally recognized companies are always looking for specialize professionals to join their team. Many of these companies will give higher salaries along with relocation stipends if you have a background in:

  • management, research, manufacturing
  • or hold an MBA, Masters, or Ph.D degree


If you are a business owner and want to expand your business overseas, Rockies Intl can help set up direct access to the government and corporate connections you need to meet. 

Or if you have an idea for a business, incubation services are also available to individuals who wish to start a business in China.

Our Partners

Many Fortune 500 multinational companies operate within China. These companies may be headquartered in the USA, Canada, Korea or Japan, but routinely recruit international talents to work in its respective Chinese offices. It is customary for these companies to offer employment packages to international specialized professionals. In additional, more and more publicly traded Chinese corporations are investing outside of China, creating greater openings for employment around the world. With rising production and labor costs in China, it means that salaries of many positions approach the rate, and in some cases, even exceed that of Western countries. Relocation stipend (corporate or government sponsored) may also apply depending on the position.  Here are some of the companies that make use of our services.

Our Management & Experience

The management system that we follow at Rockies Intl is streamlined to provide a one-stop solution in the service we provide. From our HR collecting your resume, to free job placement and job interview, to relocation and visa services, our team is on hand to help you. We have staff on-site in China to liaison and set up everything from airport pick up to apartment search and getting proper work visas. The procedures we currently use have been streamlined for efficient servicing of specialized professionals, entrepreneurs on business trips, and teachers.

We have been offering our services to international clients, whether they maybe from international backgrounds or overseas Chinese relocating back home. Since 2001, RCC has helped more than 1000 job placements in businesses or ESL teachers in various cities throughout China.