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Investing in China

Entrepreneurs & Investors

It is well known that China is a global economic power.

Driving its economic growth is the Chinese government encouraging and supporting foreign investment in China. To entice foreign companies into opening branch offices in China, the government offers tax incentives, rental incentives, policy incentives and many different assistance to help entrepreneurs. 

If you are a foreign national, overseas Chinese or even a Chinese national returning from abroad, Rockies Intl can help you connect with the right government department and policy.

However, we must remind everyone, that investing abroad is considered HIGH RISK.  We recommend that prior to making an investment, all entrepreneurs makes careful consideration of all the factors involved. 

corporate networking

Rockies Intl and its parent company, RCC, has many branch offices in different cities in China. With our long standing service to many companies in China, we have developed a strong network of partners, ranging from multinationals to government liaison offices.                

If you wish to expand your business overseas, we can help you be in touch with various commercial organizations and trade groups in China. These organizations allow entrepreneurs to meet and be informed about the latest events and trends. Businesses can expand their networks in these settings. Gatherings meet regularly in each city, and some even have their own newsletter and websites.

Depending on your background, there are business clubs for professionals of specialized trades, from HR clubs to legal and financial clubs for those seeking advice, to government sponsored events with senior government officials… we can put you in touch.

incubation & accelerator services

A start-up Incubator is a service that we provide in conjunction with our partners in law, finance and venture capital to get a basic startup idea off the ground, with support from mentors. We provide on-site assistance, as well as office space for the duration of a fixed time period. Accelerators then take over the next phase, with extra support provided. The extra support include money, mentor, and additional human resource to get to the next stage – usually with the aim of acquisition or IPO. 

These services at Rockies Intl are intended to help someone new to China, returning to China or new to the business world of China, get their business models off the ground, refined and quickly adapted to the Chinese business setting. The mentors are successful managers, lawyers and accountants who can provide support in a condensed time span so that a new arrival does not lose their mind in a new culture.

Good ideas may even obtain investment, and Rockies Intl has a network of private equity (PE) firms, venture capital (VC) and investment banks willing to listen to your ideas. 


Since the opening up of China to international businesses, different levels of the Chinese government, from federal (central) to provincial or state to local governments, have always provided favorable policies to business start-ups to encourage economic growth. If you are an entrepreneur interested in expanding your business abroad, or if you are someone seeking local partnerships to utilize your expertise, you may be qualified for government stipend.  There are many stipends, ranging from stipends for relocation, to accommodation, to sponsorship of patents, to research grants…  In fact, too many to list here, and the amount of the stipend vary depending on the position, city, and the candidate’s qualifications. 

Rockies Intl and RCC have a legal team that can help you apply for these stipends providing you have the right qualifications. We have lawyers on hand to answer questions about policies. We provide this service for free to our candidate, but if we successfully obtain a grant, we do charge a nominal service fee to cover our legal costs. If we are unsuccessful, we do not charge anything. Any stipend or grant is in addition to any salary and employment packages that the company normally offers.

other services

Other services that Rockies Intl can help new businesses with include:

  • Human Resources
  • Financial Outsourcing
  • BPO Service
  • Venture Capital
  • Stipends for Employing Staff
  • Stipends to cover Medical Care
  • Insurance
  • and many more
  • Rental Assistance
  • Tax Reduction Services
  • Tax Analysis
  • Legal Analysis

Different cities have different services, so it is important for us to know what industry and area you are looking into opening a business.