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Finding Careers in China

Specialized Professionals

China is a hotspot for many multinational companies and brands to do business.

Many of these companies are publicly traded companies listed internationally and ranked among the Fortune 500 group. Others are prestigious universities in China looking for specialized professionals to fill academic roles.

Rockies Intl can help you get connected with these job opportunities and help you along the way.

multinational companies in china

Multinational companies in China can be categorized into four types:

1. BPO type companies – International brands that are headquartered in their native countries often outsource business operations to China to better meet the needs of their Asian customers. Companies that fall into this category include: Accenture, Avaya, Oracle, SAP, and many more.  In fact, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have operations in China.

2. Manufacturing companies – Although production and labor costs have risen in the past few years, manufacturing is a huge sector in China for international investment. International companies that belong to this group include: Tennaco, BMW, Benz, Coats, Otis, Panasonic, Siemens, Toyota and more.

3. Service driven companies – International banks, restaurants and hotel brands such as Sheraton, Hilton, Intercontinental, Yums, HSBC, Citigroup fall into this category.

4. Chinese multinational companies – Over the past decade, Chinese companies have also become internationalized through acquisition or direct investment abroad.  These include: Huawei, Xiaomi, Alibaba, Air China and all airlines, all banks, and many others.

academic, research & educational opportunities

Research companies and Universities in China often are in search of qualified academics able to lead their education or research programs. Many of these positions include higher salary and various forms of allowances or stipends. These may be in the form of grants, free housing, sponsorship of projects, or bonuses added to the high salary.

If you feel you are qualified to teach or conduct research at the university level, please contact us and leave us your resume. Our staff in China would contact our partnered universities and check on any special grants that may exist.  This service is at no charge to you.  People from all nationalities, including Chinese nationals, are welcomed to apply. The grants available depending on the academic subject, the qualification of the candidate, and the position that is available.  

relocation services

In more than 40 cities in China, Rockies Intl and its parent company, RCC, has onsite staff that will make preliminary planning and provide assistance on the ground upon arrival. In addition, the visa processing office in Dalian, China would assist in all manners of visa related questions, answers and even direct visa processing to ensure that anyone entering China would be able to work legally with the proper travel documents. 

The relocation services that we provide include:

  • accommodations
  • orientation
  • legal services
  • financial services
  • spousal & family support
  • childcare & schooling support
  • free job placement
  • free job interview set up
  • relocation stipend
  • government registration
  • visa
  • airport pick up